Risk and Safety

Risk and Safety

  • All OGHA volunteers, players and families work with the OGHA's Risk & Safety Officer to ensure all required volunteer and safety forms, certifications and training is completed, and submitted to the appropriate office. For more information, contact Colin MacLean, OGHA Risk & Safety Officer, risk.safety@ogha.info .

A. Risk and Safety Survey for 2019-2020

B. Concussion Information and ROWAN'S LAW

C. Rowan's Law Acknowledgement Form (Mandatory):

D. Police Records Check (PRC) - Work with the Vulnerable Sector (Mandatory).  

Pls Note : Volunteers outside of the OPS catchment can request a personalized Volunteer letter to present to the local OPP Detachment. Contact risk.safety@ogha.info for the personalized letter with the appropriate OPP detachment address.


E. Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders (Mandatory).

F. Gender Identity Course (Recommended)

  • Gender Identity by Hockey Canada is highly recommended for Bench Staff  to complete. It is a free course and takes about 2 hours to complete. The following link will bring you to the appropriate area to complete the course. Gender Identity Course (online)


OGHA Risk and Safety Policies


A. Dressing Room Supervision (“Two-deep!”).

  • Our Dressing Room policy is based upon the Ontario Women's Hockey Association's Dressing Room Supervision Policy.  The Policy, which can be found here, states that  "When players under the age of 19 are in the team dressing room (pre-,during, post-practices and games)  two properly screened adults associated with the team shall be in the dressing room."  For OGHA's purposes, den mothers (properly screened...see above for PRC and RIS info) are considered team officials.

B. Harassment/Bullying.   

  • The OGHA is committed to providing an environment that is safe and respectful. It is the policy of the OGHA that there be no harassment, abuse, bullying or misconduct of any participant in any of its programs either through physical or virtual means. ( The OGHA Social Media policy can be found here). The OGHA expects every athlete, coach, assistant coach, trainer, manager, official, parent, guardian, family member, director, officer, volunteer, employee and chaperone within the Assn to take reasonable steps to safeguard the participants against harassment, abuse, bullying or misconduct. 

NO PHONES IN DRESSING ROOMS! We have a strict policy of not allowing players to bring phones into dressing rooms due to incidents of cyber-bullying. Arrange music requests and streaming of music in dressing rooms with Den Mothers.


C. Mandatory reporting of injuries requiring medical attention:

  • Reporting Injuries and Concussions--All injuries that require medical attention and/or medical clearance to Return to Play must be reported by emailing documentation to risk.safety@ogha.info .


Supporting Forms and Policies

  • City of Ottawa Police Record Check for Vulnerable Sector - Online application
  • OGHA Vulnerable Sector Check Volunteers -  Letter (download to your computer and upload to online OPS application)
  • Hockey Canada/OWHA Player Medical Information Sheet - Form
  • Hockey Canada/OWHA Injury Report - Form
  • Hockey Canada Concussion Card and 6-Step Return to Play - Resource
  • OGHA Significant Injury-Return to Play Policy
  • OWHA Return to Play medical certification - Form


  • Ontario Women’s Hockey Association - Website
  • Hockey Eastern Ontario - Website
  • Hockey Canada Safety Essentials - Website