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AGM & Elections - 2018/19

The Ottawa Girls Hockey Association will hold its Annual Meeting on Thursday, May 24th at 7 pm in the Ellwood Hall at the Jim Durrell Recreation Centre (1265 Walkley Rd).  

There will be three openings on the Board for the 2018/19 season.

At the meeting, the membership will elect three OGHA Members to serve for a term of two years as Directors on the association’s Board of Directors.

OGHA Board of Directors Election Process:

1.       Any OGHA member in good standing can be nominated.  The candidate must be nominated by an OGHA member, and seconded by another OGHA member.  The nominee must indicate their consent to the nomination.

2.       Please send nominations to the AGM meeting chair, Martin Launiere at before 7 pm Thursday, May 17th.  

3.       The AGM meeting chair, Martin Launiere, will post the nominee names to the OGHA website within 72 hours of receipt. Curent nominations can be found below:

          - Dean Westmann

          - Marc Lugert

          - Kevin McNeil

          - James Wojtyk

          - Mark Harris

4.       If insufficient nominations are received to fill the vacant positions by 7pm Thursday May 17th, nominations will be accepted from the floor during the Annual General Meeting.

5.       Three Directors will be elected at the AGM to serve for a term of 2 years.  The vote will be by show of hands unless a vote by ballot is requested.

6.       Each member is entitled to vote (one per family). Members who cannot attend may complete a “proxy form” to allow another member to vote on their behalf.  No member can bring more than 5 proxies.  A proxy form can be requested from Martin Launiere at

7.       The three eligible board positions are the following: President, Vice-President-Operations, Vice President - MArketing & Development.

Thank you,

Fred Barzyk