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BoD candidate bio


Kirk De Fazio

This upcoming hockey season is unlike any other. The biggest challenge this year is COVID-19 risk management and handling all of the disruptions that result. I am semi-retired and have the time to commit to this growing association. I have worked with boards of directors throughout my chosen careers for the past 25 years. I will bring all of my executive leadership experience to this board - Director of Athletics at elite private schools, fitness centre business ownership, and President of Special Olympics Alberta. Working with Special Olympics, and athletes with an intellectual disability has taught me a great deal about inclusion.


I have built numerous relationships over the past seven years within the OGHA and also relationships with the greater hockey community in Ottawa. I have worked with numerous hockey families in the creation of the spring/summer Ottawa Girls 67s hockey organization. This program designed for development has brought hockey families together from all over Eastern Ontario. I am a Level 4 master coach in the NCCP. These coaching credentials will help me to relate and understand the needs of the “competitive” coaches in the OGHA. However, I am equally interested in the FUNdamentals and house league programs, which are critical to the success of the OGHA and building from within. I have taught sport psychology in university and would enjoy sharing some of my vision and philosophy for coach education.   The off-ice program for our girls is a passion of mine. As a former Olympic strength coach, I would like to incorporate a “program of excellence” regarding strength & conditioning for our entire association.


Executive leadership experience has taught me to be able to make the hard decisions when required. My leadership style is a collaborative approach. I am a visible leader. Being a former quarterback, it’s all about TEAM. I am excited to work alongside a board that has the ability to elect three new positions. This is an opportunity to instill new energy and to enhance the existing programs that have been very successful in the OGHA.


My philosophy is to treat each girl in the OGHA as if she were my own. I always have the girls’ best interests at heart. Our own daughter began with Novice B in the OGHA and is now of Bantam age. Trish and I have watched her grow and develop within the OGHA. We are thrilled to support her as she continues to develop and play the sport she loves in a positive environment.


Kirk De Fazio

M.Ed. B.Sc. B.Ed


Kirk was nominated by Alvin Sim and Eric Budgell.



Misha Celentano

I grew up playing hockey in the Ottawa area. I have learned, and continue to learn, valuable life skills while playing hockey, from my teammates and from my coaches – commitment, dedication, team work, time management, how to overcome adversity, how to be a leader, and the joy of play. I was fortunate to have been led by two female coaches and role models in my last few years of minor hockey, both of whom had a profound impact on me and inspired me to become more involved in the girls hockey community.


After graduating from Carleton University, completing a Masters research project at York University on the use of sport in international development projects, and taking some time to focus on building my career, including working with youth at the Tim Hortons Foundation Camps, Right to Play and now the federal government, I was looking for a way to give back to the community that has given me so much. I was welcomed by the Ottawa Girls Hockey Association and for the past two seasons I have been a non-parent volunteer coach with the association. I was an assistant coach with the FUNdamentals program (2018/19, 2019/20), Novice B (2018/19), Atom A (2019/20), and was one of the on-ice leaders for the First Shift Program. Additionally, throughout the 2019/20 season, I led the charge on the OGHA’s “Because it’s 2019 Committee”, an effort to increase the number of female coaches within the association. I ran a session for OGHA players interested in volunteering with other teams, organized and facilitated the second annual All-Female Coaching Development Session, organized a group of approximately 15 players from the OGHA to be on ice helpers during the First Shift Program, and was planning a Female Coaches Summit for OGHA coaches that was put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I would very much like to continue this work as a member of the Board of Directors. 


Over the last two years, I have met and interacted with many players and families throughout the association and am continually inspired by the love, sportsmanship and dedication they demonstrate, not only to hockey, but to the OGHA and their teammates. If selected as a member of the Board of Directors, my goal would be to keep our players, their interests, and their families at the centre of our efforts as we navigate a safe return to hockey this season.


Misha was nominated by Mackenzie Tobin and Sunita Maria Naya-Kingwell.



Craig Azar


My name is Craig Azar and I am putting my name forward for a position on the OGHA board of directors.  I have been involved in minor hockey for the past nine years, both on the ice in various capacities, and on the association board. Two years ago I made the move to bring my daughter across from the minor hockey association to the OGHA, and it was the best decision I ever made.  My daughter has thrived in the association and I found a new home for my volunteer time.  Over the past two seasons I have acted as coach, trainer, manager, goalie convenor, and house league convenor.  This gave me the opportunity to regularly attend last season’s board meetings and gain further insight into the workings of the association. 

I am passionate about women's hockey and dedicated to furthering the exposure and growth of the association.  If elected, I will endeavour to do so at the highest level of commitment and professionalism. 

 Craig was nominated by Robin McGarry and Marc Lugert.