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2020-2021 Competitive Coach Selections

The OGHA is pleased to announce our coaching selections for 2020-21 teams that will be selected during our Spring Tryout sessions. We would like to thank all candidates for applying and encourage you to volunteer with your team next season.


U18 A       Joe Ross -

U18 A\BB   Geoff Stewart -

U18 B       Bryan Gormley -


U15 A       Marc Franche -

U15 BB     Ian Henderson -


U13 AA\A  James Wojtyk -


NOTE:  U18 A, A/BB and U13 AA/A teams will be evaluated and assigned the appropriate levels after tryouts.


Please join us in congratulating our coaches and wishing them a successful 2020-2021 season. If you have any questions or require further information in regards to one of the teams above please contact the coach directly.


The remaining Ottawa Ice coaching selection interviews will take place after the Spring tryouts.