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OGHA Bylaws

By-law No. 1 of the Ottawa Girls Hockey Association


OGHA Constitution

DRAFT - 2018-19 AGM


OGHA Policies

OGHA Player Affiliation Policy

OGHA Dressing Room Policy

OGHA Social Networking Policy

OGHA Cannabis and Substance Abuse Policy

OGHA Significant Injury - Return To PLay

OGHA Player Movement Policy - co-signed by NGHA, KGHA, GCGH

OGHA Competitive Team Formation Policy


To all Head Coaches and Managers:

If your team is involved in a suspension of a player/staff you should immediately notify the OGHA Director of Discipline by email ( and then follow the procedures outlined in the documents below that explain the required league reporting and follow-up that must be followed in all suspension cases. Please copy the OGHA Director of Discipline on any emailed submissions (such as game sheets) that you are required to provide to the OWHA/ODWHA/MOGHL in suspension situations.


Ontario Women's Hockey Association (OWHA)

OWHA Code of Conduct - Policy

OWHA Suspension Policy - Procedures


Ottawa District Women's Hockey Association (ODWHA)

ODWHA League Bylaws - 2019 Bylaws

ODWHA Rules & Regulations - 2019 Rules and Regulation

ODWHA Code of Discipline - 2019 Code of Discipline