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Below you will find the dates, times and locations for OGHA’s upcoming Fall tryouts for the remaining teams that the OGHA will be fielding in the upcoming 2019/2020 season. 


Note: If you are coming from another girls association, you will either need a release (most associations are doing this electronically) or a Permission to Skate before you are allowed to participate in the tryouts, also please be aware of the new import policy that will apply to all players can be found here.  To participate in Spring tryouts, players must register through the website and pay the applicable tryout fee prior to stepping on the ice.



Tuesday 3rd September

5-6 All Competitive goalies @ Brian Kilrea


After, goalies will take part in all age respective team tryouts!


6-7 Atom A @ Brian Kilrea

7-8 PW C @ Brian Kilrea

8-9 Bantam C @ Brian Kilrea

9-10 Midget B @ Brian Kilrea


Wednesday 4th September

615-715 Atom A @ Richcraft - HEO

715-815 PW C @ Richcraft - HEO

815-915 Bantam C @ Richcraft - HEO

915-1045 Midget B @ Richcraft - HEO


Thursday 5th September

6-7 Atom A @ Sandy Hill

7-8 Peewee C @ Sandy Hill

8-9 Bantam C @ Sandy Hill


Friday 6th September

6-8 Atom C @ Richcraft - Recharge with Milk

8-9 Bantam C @ Richcraft - Recharge with Milk

9-10 Midget B @ Richcraft - Recharge with Milk


For the Novice Competitive team as per the Hockey Canada and OWHA directive, selection will begin with the Novice House League Sortout process but end with two ice times dedicated to the formation of the Novice COMP team.  See our House League sortout schedule for all of the details.

If you have a specific question regarding any of the tryouts, please find below the OGHA coaching staff for the above teams.


Midget B –          Kevin Marshall

Bantam C –         Ian Henderson

Peewee C –         Jen Wright

Atom A –             Natalie Julien

Atom C –              Harry Lake

Novice Comp -     David Hutchinson