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The OGHA would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the candidates who applied for this years competitive coaching positions and would like to take this opportunity to introduce the membership to this year’s selected coaches and their respective teams.


Intermediate AA – Tim Belanger

Midget AA – Shannon Donnelly

Midget A – Fred Barzyk

Midget B - Yves L’Heureux

Midget C - Kirsten Sadorsky

Bantam AA – Dean Westman

Bantam A – Bill McCullough

Bantam B - Joe Ross

Bantam C - Jarrett Chalmers

Peewee AA – Jeff Hyndman

Peewee A – Marc Franche 

Peewee B - Ian Henderson and David Winton

Peewee C - Kevin MacDonald

Atom A - Mackenzie Tobin and Brian Harrington

Atom C - Andrew Szabo

Novice B - Natalie Julien


If you have any questions or require further information in regards to one of the teams above please contact the coach directly and their contact info can be found on our website under the “Our Teams”.


Welcome and Thank you

As the AGM has come and gone, the OGHA would like to take this opportunity to welcome its 3 newest Board members in:


James Wojtyk – President

Kevin McNeil – VP Hockey Operations

Marc Lugert – VP Marketing and Development


The new board members would like to also take this opportunity to thank our outgoing board members in Fred Barzyk, Tim Belanger and Mark Harris who have provide their time, energy and direction to the association over the course of the past 2 years +.  However there experience will not be lost as all three members will continue to volunteer with the association in various roles from Head Coach to League convenor.  Thank you all on behalf of all OGHA members for your continued support.

2018 ODWHA Elizabeth Stein Memorial Bursaries

Congratulations to our graduating captains Hannah Brooks (Midget A) and Maddy Leduc (67’s midget AA) captains, recipients of the 2018 ODWHA Elizabeth Stein Memorial Bursaries. This award recognizes outstanding sportsmanship and fair play, hockey performance and quality of contribution, academic achievement, and community participation among ODWHA players.

Hannah has enrolled in the engineering program at the University of Toronto, while and Maddy is off to St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, to study nursing.

Great job ladies!

OGHA August Tryouts (2018/2019)

To all interested players, below you will find the dates, times and locations for the remaining tryouts for the upcoming 2018/2019 season.


Novice B

Aug 27th – 6:00-7:00pm Brian Kilrea

Aug 28th – 6:00-7:00pm Brian Kilrea

Aug 30th – 7:00-8:00pm Brian Kilrea


Atom A

Aug 13th – 6:00-7:00pm Brian Kilrea

Aug 14th – 6:00-7:00pm Brian Kilrea

Aug 15th – 6:00-7:00pm Brian Kilrea

Aug 17th – 7:00-8:00pm Brian Kilrea


Atom C

Aug 20th – 6:00-7:00pm Brian Kilrea

Aug 21th – 6:00-7:00pm Brian Kilrea

Aug 23rd – 6:00-7:00pm Brian Kilrea


Peewee B

Aug 13th – 7:00-8:00pm Brian Kilrea

Aug 14th – 7:00-8:00pm Brian Kilrea

Aug 16th – 6:00-7:00pm Brian Kilrea

Aug 17th – 6:00-7:00pm Brian Kilrea


Peewee C

Aug 20th – 7:00-8:00pm Brian Kilrea

Aug 22th – 6:00-7:00pm Brian Kilrea

Aug 24th – 7:00-8:00pm Brian Kilrea


Bantam B

Aug 13th – 8:00-9:00pm Brian Kilrea

Aug 14th – 8:00-9:00pm Brian Kilrea

Aug 17th – 8:00-9:00pm Brian Kilrea


Bantam C

Aug 20th – 8:00-9:00pm Brian Kilrea

Aug 22th – 7:00-8:00pm Brian Kilrea

Aug 24th – 8:00-9:00pm Brian Kilrea


Midget B/C

Aug 13th – 9:00-10:00pm Brian Kilrea

Aug 14th – 9:00-10:00pm Brian Kilrea

Aug 17th – 9:00-10:00pm Brian Kilrea


IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR ALL PLAYERS - You need to REGISTER and PAY the competitive tryout fee before your daughter(s) can participate in the tryouts.  To register and pay the fee, please click the OUR PROGRAMS banner on the OGHA website, and then click on the COMPETITIVE banner for information and instructions. Or you can click directly on REGISTRATION.


RELEASE AND PERMISSION TO SKATE - If you are coming from another association, you will need either a release or a Permission to Skate before you are allowed to participate in the tryouts.

Registration for 2108/19 is open!

Registration is now open for the OGHA’s 2018/19 hockey season!  Please log in to your family account to register.  For assistance with the registration process, please consult our “How to register a player in the OGHA” instruction sheet. 


If you have registered with the OGHA in any season since 2014/15, you need not create a new family account.  Please use your previous login information (Email ID & password).  If you have forgotten your login information, please contact us.  


For players interested in our competitive stream of hockey, please be advised that Spring tryouts for the Tier 1 and 1A teams are scheduled for mid-April.  Participants must register for the tryouts and pay the tryout fee prior to stepping on the ice.


Tryouts for the remaining competitive teams will take place August 13-24.  Sort-outs for house league teams will begin on Saturday, September 8.


For more information on registration fees, tryout fees, deadlines for payment of fees and our refund policy, please consult the Registration page on the website.