FUN is key in OGHA's FUNdamentals program


If your daughter wants to play hockey, the OGHA FUNdamentals girls program is for them!  By mixing in FUN and player development  the players gain not only skills but also friendships along the way.  The all-female OGHA coaching staff believes in keeping the FUN in FUNdamentals by motivating the players to be the best that they can be while having fun. Fun matters if they are going to love a sport enough to continue playing for life.

  • What skills will my daughter learn?
    • FUNdamentals is a structured, learn-to-play hockey program that uses Hockey Canada’s Initiation Program (HCIP) curriculum to teach beginners basic technical skills (skating, puck handling, stopping, passing, turning and shooting) in an atmosphere that stresses FUN, cooperation and fair play. No matter how much experience your daughter has with hockey, she will learn and develop fundamental hockey skills, an understanding of cooperation and team play and develop more self-confidence in a FUN environment.
  • Who are the coaches?
    • FUNdamentals has female certified instructors and several hockey-playing volunteers.
    • Our bilingual lead female instructor, Isabel Menard, has many years of coaching and on-ice skills instruction backed by skills developed during her international hockey career. You can read more about her hockey background in her bio.
  • What equipment does my daughter need?
    • Girls participating in FUNdamentals are required to wear full hockey equipment as mandated by Hockey Canada.  Note:  Mouth guards are not mandatory but recommended and wrist guards are not mandatory.
    • Jerseys are supplied as part of the program, but not hockey socks so you will need to purchase those prior to arriving at the rink.
  • Is this program suitable for girls of any age who are new to hockey?
    • FUNdamentals is the OGHA's initiation to hockey program starting with girls aged 4 and above. Maximum age is 6, but any girl aged 7 or older who is new to hockey can register in the House League level for her age group.  She will be able to practice and play with her team and also attend FUNdamentals sessions for free to help with further development. 
  • My daughter has never skated before. Is FUNdamentals right for her?
    • Many girls will be stepping on the ice for the first time in our program and will learn to skate including how to fall safely and get up on their own quickly and easily. Our program has a strong focus on skating as this is a key skill for any hockey player.  Girls with more skating or hockey experience for their age will be able to build upon their existing skating skills and be good role models for those learning for the first time.
  • What is the schedule for FUNdamentals?
    • The 2019/20 FUNdamentals starts on September 21, 2019 and runs until March 2020 (weekend before Ontario School break).  The sessions will be held at the Ice House at Carleton University on:
  • Saturdays - 8:00 am to 8:50 am
  • Sundays - 3:30 pm to 4:20 pm
  • Fun games may be scheduled with other associations later in the season.
  • NOTE: FUNdamentals does not run during Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas holidays and ends the weekend prior to Ontario March Break. 
  • Do the girls in the FUNdamentals program attend both Saturday and Sunday times or would they attend only one of the two sessions?
    • The FUNdamentals program includes two sessions per week so girls are able to attend both of them in order to maximize their skill development. If your daughter can only attend one of the sessions, she will still learn important hockey skills and have fun with her friends at the same time.   Most girls have so much FUN that they encourage their parents to bring them to as many sessions as possible.
  • How early do I need to arrive at the arena?
    • It is recommended to arrive at the rink 30 minutes before the start of the ice session so as to allow enough time to get dressed in the change room. This time is also a great opportunity for the girls to get to know each better off the ice as the camaraderie in the change rooms is an important aspect of the girls’ love of the game.
  • How much does the program cost?
    • The registration fee is $350 and includes two sessions each week (Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons).





Our bilingual lead female instructor, Isabel Menard's bio can be found here.



For more information on FUNdamentals, please contact our program coordinator, at


“Learning the basic skills in practice at a young age is so important, because it allows the children to skate more, make more passes, take more shots on net and have the puck on their stick more than in any game.” -Paul Kariya, former NHL player and spokesperson for Hockey Canada’s Initiation Program.